Give Me Tomorrow

Wrote a new poem yesterday.  :]

For the days I fail You
For the Words I ignore
For the missed opportunities
For the trials in store
Grant me strength!
To live for You and show
A dark world Your Hope--
Lord, give me Tomorrow.

Poem written by me, Sarah Dake.  Photo via Pinterest.

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Bethan Downs said...

This is absolutely beautiful.
I love this so much. <3



Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Bethan :]

Brittney Johnson said...

Your poems are alaways so amazing Sarah! You have such a gift for writing...your poems are always so inspirational! Keep writing for Him :)

Christina L said...

Beautiful <3

Christine Smith said...

I needed this today. Such true, sweet, thought provoking words. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

Heather said...

Wow I love it! Keep allowing the Lord to lead and direct!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the sweet comments, ladies! They all bring a smile :] So glad you enjoy my poetry!

Morgan said...

So pretty Sarah!!!!