A + A Friday!


  • When a handsome stranger asks if he could give you his number "just in case." Then you feel bad, because you had to say no and he left really fast.  And, of course, your mother has to relay the whole thing to EVERYONE.
  • When a kitty nibbles your toes.
  • Turning quickly in a store and sliding your flip-flop across the floor.
  • Making rhymes and not meaning to. . . 
  • Playing Toilet Tag with friends.  Awkward at times, yes, but total fun.  XD
  • Wearing your glasses (mild prescription) and realizing they make you look older.  Is that why the guy asked me if he could give me his number??  O_o
  • Attempting a clapping push-up and falling flat on your face.  Oh, it's OK, only your SISTER AND FRIEND SAW IT!!  Haha :D
  • Taking a small handful of your mother's SALTED popcorn and unintentionally making a funny face. 

  • I now have a computer again!!!
  • Upgrading to a new phone, now own an iPhone 5c -- and love it!
  • The feeling you get after spending two hours washing, vacuuming, and overall cleaning your car; knowing it is then THE cleanest car in the world.  Mission accomplished.
  • Writing this awesome intro/prologue to a potential story of a retelling of Beauty & the Beast (which I hope to enter for a contest.)
  • This quote: 

  • Successful conclusion to small group Bible study--Financial Peace with Dave Ramsey.  So good! 
  • Shopping with your mother and bringing home a good haul of books, a couple thrifted shirts, and a Marvel mug!

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  1. Yes, that face exactly!!! HA! It WAS a bit too salty, even I must admit :).
    Oh, yeah, you got your new phone case in the mail too!

    Love you Sarah! We had a great time shopping!

    Always Experiencing Him,


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.