A "Hello!" and a "Just so ya know. . ."

Well, hello!  I just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful last day of June.  Gah!  Can you believe July begins tomorrow??  Summer, please stay longer.  Stop flying away!


And I also wanted to let you know that this little blog will not be as active (if you can call these scattered posts "active". . .) as usual. . .  Because, for the month of July, there will only be occasional posts every other day or so, or perhaps once a week.  But I am by no means gradually leaving this blog for good!  There WILL be posts!  I am merely stepping away from the "leech" known as the Internet and not logging in as often.  Hopefully, I shall accomplish great and wonderful things.  ;D  Like writing a short story! or actually finishing my WIP. . .

Anyhoo, that's what going on for me this month.  So, don't forget to drop by!

Here's a random GIF to make you smile:

Many thanks, my friends.  Fairfarren, for now.  :]

Happy Monday!

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Lauriloth said...

I canNOT believe it's already July! How are we halfway through the year? Where did time GO?!

I hope you have a wonderful July! I'm probably going to step away from that leech a bit myself for the month and just enjoy the summer. So here's to a great July! ^_^

I think I died at that GIF. That is TOO hilarious! XDDD

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Haha! Oh, Lauri, you are too funny!

Happy July!

Risa said...

Good for both of you, getting away from the leech! ;) Good luck on the writing, Sarah! :)

Already July? Gah! I can't, really can't, believe we've been back from China for two weeks. I'll write soon! Of course, I've probably left about a dozen comments in the last hour so maybe it's time to give you a break, lol!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Risa! So far, the writing is still much to scattered and vague. Feels like I'm not getting anywhere... *le sigh* -_-

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Don't worry 'bout the comments, Risa! Love it! So glad to see you are back :D