A "Hello!" and a "Just so ya know. . ."

Well, hello!  I just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful last day of June.  Gah!  Can you believe July begins tomorrow??  Summer, please stay longer.  Stop flying away!


And I also wanted to let you know that this little blog will not be as active (if you can call these scattered posts "active". . .) as usual. . .  Because, for the month of July, there will only be occasional posts every other day or so, or perhaps once a week.  But I am by no means gradually leaving this blog for good!  There WILL be posts!  I am merely stepping away from the "leech" known as the Internet and not logging in as often.  Hopefully, I shall accomplish great and wonderful things.  ;D  Like writing a short story! or actually finishing my WIP. . .

Anyhoo, that's what going on for me this month.  So, don't forget to drop by!

Here's a random GIF to make you smile:

Many thanks, my friends.  Fairfarren, for now.  :]

Happy Monday!

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  1. I canNOT believe it's already July! How are we halfway through the year? Where did time GO?!

    I hope you have a wonderful July! I'm probably going to step away from that leech a bit myself for the month and just enjoy the summer. So here's to a great July! ^_^

    I think I died at that GIF. That is TOO hilarious! XDDD

  2. Haha! Oh, Lauri, you are too funny!

    Happy July!

  3. Good for both of you, getting away from the leech! ;) Good luck on the writing, Sarah! :)

    Already July? Gah! I can't, really can't, believe we've been back from China for two weeks. I'll write soon! Of course, I've probably left about a dozen comments in the last hour so maybe it's time to give you a break, lol!

  4. Thank you, Risa! So far, the writing is still much to scattered and vague. Feels like I'm not getting anywhere... *le sigh* -_-

  5. Don't worry 'bout the comments, Risa! Love it! So glad to see you are back :D


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