A Week in Skirts!

Hullo, my friends!  I'm back!  I can't believe it's been two weeks since last I posted. . . Whoa.  Well, I shall blame it all on hay season, VBS, and my part-time job.  :D  But, in the words of Olaf, "All good things, all good things!"

So, on to my post.  Sweet Libby, from A Noble Calling, kindly invited me to participate in her link-up party!  I only have five outfits for you. . . These past two weeks have been busy, but, of course, that is no excuse.  :]

Without further ado, here you go:

Day 1:
Denim and Coral

shirt:  Goodwill ($4)
under-tank:  Walmart ($3-5?)
skirt:  Repeat Boutique [thrift store] ($2)
shoes:  Kim Rogers hand-me-downs (from my mama)

Our kitty, Nala, wanted to join in the photoshoot.  =3

Day 2:
Pink Picnic

shirt:  JC Penney ($5)
under-tank:  Walmart ($3)
skirt:  Goodwill ($4)
shoes:  Shoe Department ($20)
necklace:  homemade LEGO heart

Day 3:
Patchwork Perfect

shirt:  borrowed from sister :]
under-tank:  Target ($5)
skirt:  Goodwill ($4)
shoes:  RocketDog from Shoe Dpt. ($20)

Day 4:
Flower Sundae

shirt:  JC Penney ($5)
under-tank:  Walmart ($3-5?)
skirt:  Goodwill ($4)
shoes:  Shoe Dpt.

Day 5:
Captain's Orders

shirt:  Christmas present from awesome sister
under-tank:  Walmart
skirt:  Goodwill ($2)
shoes:  Shoe Dpt.

Heheh. . . Did you see a pattern here?  Walmart, Goodwill. . . I wear the white flats almost all the time.  And that last outfit is my absolute favorite!

Don't worry, ladies!  There is definitely a way to wear feminine clothing in a cute, comfy, and lady-like fashion.  You don't have to settle for the drab, dull look.  Spice up your outfits with color and cutesy!  But always dress in a way that honors God and our brothers in Christ.

Layers are key.  Skirts (in my opinion) that hit right at the knee and/or below is a perfect length.  Beware any length above.  One way to test whether a certain skirt (or dress) is appropriate and modest in length is to stand before a mirror, turn so it is behind you, and bend over.  If anything is showing that shouldn't be--hello, UNDERWEAR, or too much leg--get rid of it.  Be careful in shirt sizes, too.  It is always best to get at least one size bigger, especially if you're like me and love looking in the junior/young misses section.  The more fitted look will look best one size bigger.  You don't want to show off ALL of those lovely curves!  ;D


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Thanks for stopping by!

Fairfarren, my friends.

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  1. Lovely outfits, Sarah! I love how they all look very spring-y! :) Thanks a bunch for joining in!

  2. Thank YOU, Libby! This has been fun :]

    Caroline: Yes! My grandmother loves it, too ;D

  3. These are so pretty! Day 4 is my favorite.

  4. You are so beautiful Sarah! And you have a lovely style!

  5. Those are all so cute! I love the skirt from day #5.

  6. Jade: thank you!

    Ashlin: aww, you are too sweet!

    Jameson: YES!!!

  7. I totally agree about the skirt-length advice. You know what they say, modest is hottest! Haha



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