A + A Friday! Uh, I Mean, Saturday!

EEK!  TWO WEEKS?!?  I've missed TWO A + A posts??  And it's Saturday, already?

So. . .

  • Sending a text to the wrong person. . .  "Hey, do we need to bail you out?  What did you do that called for two cop cars??"  :D  (Haha, I'll just let you wonder. . .)
  • Tripping while going UP the stairs.
  • Visiting a church with your aunt's family, and the leader asks if any visitors are visiting; you and your sisters raise your hands and you feel like you are the only ones and EVERYBODY is looking at you.
  • Ordering subs at Subway with your sisters and the girl asks why you are dressed up (wearing skirts and such), if you came from church or something.  You awkwardly reply that you like to look nice, this is normal for you, etc.  (Too bad people automatically think you are going to, or coming from, some fancy event or church and that explains why you are "dressed up", when in fact you were just running errands and stopped by Subway 'cause you were hungry. . . It's kinda sad that people think church is the only time you should dress up--and even then, the majority doesn't. . .  Overall, that day was just awkward in itself.)
  • Working at the studio, listening to your tunes and your "employer/boss/friend" comes in saying, "What are you listening to? Mexican gospel??" You laugh and mumble, "It's country oldies. . ."  (El Paso, Marty Robbins)  
  • Going into Goodwill and realizing the majority of your outfit came from there. . . (But, hey, I'm not complaining!)
  • Receiving compliments.  (Don't misunderstand! It makes me feel good, but usually ends with a awkward silence after the "thank you.")

  • Hay season! 
  • Making a successful b-day "Elsa" cake for your little 5-year-old cousin. 

  • Visiting with friends, eating pizza, and singing hymns of praise in beautiful harmonies. 
  • When a sweet friend compliments your hair or outfit. :]
  • Completing the project of the day--in this case, hot-gluing flowers to prop sticks (to be used in a recital piece). 
  • This quote:  

  • Expansion drives, for when your computer crashes--your files are saved!!!
  • Surviving a Jurassic Park marathon.  (If Teddy hadn't been there absorbing my death-squeezes, not sure I would-a made it. ;D )
  • Lazy, rainy days.  :] (at least every once in a while)

How was your week?  :]

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  1. That cake is impressive! I can relate with the awkward silence after a compliment, though...it feels like if you say a compliment back after a pause it isn't genuine, so there isn't much of a way out!


  2. Oh, we loved singing harmony with all of y'all too Sarah!!! Had a great time visiting!

  3. Why, thank you, Ashley! :D

    Yes! Morgan, we should do again!! ^__^

    Thank you for the sweet comments, ladies! <3


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.