Character Spotlight [Gunnar]

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends!  Cherish this time!

My grandmother loves quotes just as much as I do and she always has this one to say around this time:  "What if, when we wake up in the morning, all we have was what we thanked God for today." (unknown)
Wow.  That's something to think about.

Anyway, back to blogging. . . =]
I apologize, dear readers.  My posts of late have been rather scattered and out-of-order. . .  But for today, I have another Spotlight for you, featuring the father of my MC (main character) in Safia.

Gunnar Leifson
age:  52
height:  6'10"
weight:  242 lbs
eye color:  blue
hair color:  sunny blond
home country:  Norska

Gruff.  A bit rough around the edges.  He hails from the harsh Northern country of Norska, home of the Skahmen (my version of the Vikings)--raiders and pirates of the cold Northern Seas.

Reformed merchant captain aboard the Lady of Leif.
Before, a feared pirate.

Worst Fear:
Losing his wife.  Failing his daughter.

Personal Quote:
"Unhand my daughter, scum o' the Down!"

Role in Safia:
Sadly, Gunnar's role is short-lived.  Literally.  His death marks the beginning of his daughter's adventure.  Though we may learn more of him along the way. . .  =]  Still, he dies a hero, saving his daughter and securing her future.


The sketch is courtesy of Julia, again.  =]  This has to be one of my absolute favorites!  I think she captured the exact image floating through my mind.  To give you an idea of the scene, I'll post an excerpt from this story in the next couple days.  Look forward to it!

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  1. So cool =) Does the girl who drew that picture have a blog or something? Does she draw these things for free because I'd love to have someone do a character scetch for me =)

  2. Hi, Brittney! Thanks for commenting! The artist is my sister actually, and I'm sure she would love to attempt a commission for you! She blogs on my other blog: =]

    In my next Spotlight, I'll feature a picture from my other sister :D

  3. Oh, I like that quote! :) Very fitting to think about this time of year.

    Gunnar sounds like a fascinating character to write about! :) And that drawing is stunning, by the way.

    Have a lovely day!


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