Character Profile [Safia]

Because these posts are profiles of characters in my WIP, Safia, I only thought it fitting to share the info of the main character, for whom the story is titled.  =]

Safia Leifson
age:  17
height:  5'4"
weight:  118 lbs
eye color:  deep blue
hair color:  jet black
home country(ies):  Charan & Norska

Only daughter of Norskan father, Gunnar Leifson, and Charian mother, Faina Rouseau.

Reserved.  Quiet.  Most like her mother in appearance--dark hair, petite build, slender form.  However, the blue eyes come from her father.  Compassionate, gentle; but at times displays her father's fiery temperament.  Aggressive when afraid.  Stubborn.  Independent.  Yet fully dependent.  (Does that make sense?)

Worst Fear:
The Ocean.  Though, ironically, that is the one place she feels she belongs--on a ship on the open sea.  This fear comes from the tragic loss of her mother, who drowned nearly eight years before off the coast of their beautiful beach cottage.

Personal Quote:
"You will never know the true power of Fear until you have been one of his prisoners."

Role in Safia:
Well.  The story is about her.  =]  She traveled the world, to the far corners of Everon and beyond, with her father and his crew on the merchant ship, Lady of Leif.  Fluent in numerous languages, because of the extensive travel, Safia is a bright, intelligent girl; beautiful, though extremely reserved.  Her trust is not so easily earned, as Rydan, crown prince of Gondoa, and his companions soon learn.
Ambushed on open waters, a great battle ensues.  Only Safia survives, as explosions after explosions send both ships down to the Deep.  Rescued by a royal ship of Gondoa, who is escorting the prince back home after a lengthy ambassadorial trip to allied countries, Safia comes into the care and protection of the men of the Victory's Crown.  With the help of Rydan, she journeys to Charan in search of her mother's family (the last wish of her father), and takes comfort in a valuable medallion given to her by her father, eventually learning to surrender her grief to the God she had abandoned long ago.


Portrait courtesy of Julia!  Though she seems slightly older than I imagine Safia, I love the realistic look!  Her dress is based on this pic.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. hum... she sounds a bit like me. Except I don't have jet black hair. :P :) She sounds lovely.

    Good luck with your book.

  2. Quiet? Trust issues? *chuckles* Just kidding! Thanks for commenting!!!

    You're so sweet! Much thanks! =]

  3. Great job Sarah and Julia! Wonderful character profile.

    Always Experiencing Him,


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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
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