What's in a Name? [SURNAMES]

Another addition of Surnames!  I apologize. . . No pictures.  =]

Remember, these Name and Surname posts, as well as the Word posts are to serve a purpose for you, my fellow writer!  And that purpose is to help you in choosing the perfect name or names for you character (or characters) as well as widen your vocabulary.  =]

If you have a request for a name or two, be it a theme (names with Fire meanings, or Forest, Elvish, Desert, etc.), or a set of Surnames for a Medieval, Period Drama, or whatever setting, drop me a comment! and I will see what I can find.

Usage:  Dutch, Danish, English, Norwegian
Pronunciation:  HOLT

Meaning & History
Means "a wood" or "grove" in Old English or German.

Usage:  Irish
Pronunciation:  kav-ǝ-NAH, kav-ǝ-NAHG

Meaning & History
Variant of Kavanagh, which is derived from the Irish Gaelic name Caomhánach meaning "a student of saint Caomhan."  It was a name used by a 12th-century king of Leinster, Domhnall Caomhánach (Donal Kavanagh), the eldest son of an Irish king.

Usage:  English
Pronunciation:  NOR-wood

Meaning & History
Originally derived from a place name meaning "north wood" in Old English.

Source:  Given Name
Usage:  Irish
Pronunciation:  TEEG

Meaning & History
Anglicized form of Ó Taidhg, meaning "descendant of Tadhg."  Tadhg (pronounced: TIEG) is an Irish given name meaning "poet."


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To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.