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I've wanted to do this for a little while now, and finally it has happened!  I give you the first in my line of Profile posts, in which I will give an overview of my original characters in my WIP, Safia, and the medieval-fantasy world of Everon.

And so, without further ado. . .

original character MO; artist - Julia
Mo'mbweno "Mo" Bongali
age:  um, 32-ish? 
(late twenties, early thirties)
height:  6 foot, 7 inches
weight:  230 lbs
eye color:  dark brown
hair color:  none (he's bald!) =]
home country:  Makar [pro. ma-KAHR]
(based on Africa)

 Known to all simply as Mo.  He is extremely loyal and would readily, without hesitation, lay down his life for a friend.  Recognized for his size, impressive strength, and pearly-white smile.  Quick to give encouragement, and/or correction if needed, he acts as a bodyguard and friend to the crown prince of Gondoa, Rydan--to whom he owes his life.  Needless to say, he can be a bit overprotective.
A devout follower of the true Light, Eliadan, God of Creation, Mo does all in his power to live as He would, to pattern his life after the One who gave him life.

Ship's bosun (officer in charge of ship's rigging, cables, anchors, and deck crew) for the royal Gondian vessel responsible for the transportation/pleasure of the king and queen of Gondoa, christened the Victory's Crown.  Also, first mate aboard the crown prince's personal ship, the Sea Falcon.

Worst Fear:
Catfish's ladle.

Personal Quote:
"Aye. Beware the ladle."

Role in Safia:
Bosun on the Victory's Crown, first mate on the Falcon.  Mo is the bodyguard of Prince Rydan and loyal to the crown of Gondoa.


What did you think?  

The picture is courtesy of my sister, Julia.  Didn't she do a great job?  He looks just like I imagined him!

Many thanks for stopping by!  Fairfarren, for now. =]

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