What's in a Name?

Per request, by my dear friend Risa, this particular Name post features names that I think would/could be classified as Sci-Fi and/or futuristic.  

Gender:  Masculine & Feminine
Usage:  Southern African, Tswana, Greek
Pronunciation:  NEE-oh, nee-OH

Meaning & History
Means "gift" in Tswana.  Also used from the prefix meaning "new," ultimately derived from the Greek neos.

This is the name of the main character in a series of films, the first entitled The Matrix.  I must say, it is. . . bizarre.  Really.  Beyond weird.  It would not be one I would recommend. . .

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Pronunciation:  SEER-ee, seer-EE

Meaning & History
Short form of Sigrid, derived from the Old Norse name Sigríõr, which comes from the elements sigr "victory" and fríõr "beautiful, fair."

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  English (Archaic)
Pronunciation:  JEM

Meaning & History
Medieval form of James, the English form of the Late Latin name Iacomus, ultimately derived from the New Testament Greek form of the Hebrew name Ya'aqov (Jacob).

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  Finnish
Pronunciation:  kie-LOH, KIE-ǝ-loh, KEE-ǝ-loh

Meaning & History
Means "lily of the valley" in Finnish.

What do you think?

Other names I found, with no particular meanings, include:

Arran (M)                 Erin (F)
Zev (M)                    Meridian (F)
Genesis (M or F)        Miri (F)
Loc (M)                   Aida (F)
Boon (M)                 Sono (F)
Doon (M)                 Taryn (F)
Ransom (M)              Decree (F)
Zak (M)
Garred (M)
Nero (M)

[Those in bold are some I've come up with.]

Any more requests? 

Would you like to see more Medieval names?  What about names with Ocean meanings?  Or Fire?  Give me a theme and there is a good chance I can find a name, or three.  =]

Name definitions and history via behindthename.com.
Photos via Pinterest.


  1. These are great! Thanks, Sarah.^-^ I especially like the female names. Who knew Northern Europe had such great "futuristic" sounding names?

    (Decree is also really neat- might be stealing that idea. ;P)

    Have a good Sunday!

  2. So glad you like them! Thanks for commenting!!

    And I know! I love the idea of Decree as a name =]

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Hey Sarah,

    Could you do an ocean theme please?

    Partly because I love the Sea and partly because I think my name has an ocean meaning.


    So if you did an ocean theme you could always use my name (hint, hint).


  4. Haha, yes! Ocean-themed names will definitely be in the next post!

    Thanks for commenting, Morgan!
    <( ^^ )>


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