. . .something(s) to look forward to. . .

I know my posts of late have been few and far between, and I don't wish to complain and make excuses as to why I haven't been posting. The reality is -- Life.  Happens.  Can I get an "Amen!"??  =D

To bring you up to speed, I have begun dance lessons once again!  Long story short, I am taking classes to eventually have the ability to instruct/teach lower skill levels of ballet (and possibly tap, hip-hop, jazz, etc.).  My first day back began Monday, and today (Thurs.) concluded my two-days-a-week schedule.  Other than being sore all over and worn out, I am loving it.  ^__^  Thank you, dear Risa, for your prayers concerning my decision in this!!!

A couple things to look forward to. . . (in no particular order)

Chainsaw Therapy.

Yes!  I have written another excerpt in this writing exercise, featuring my character Safia.  Remember to return in the next few days to read the latest of my writings!

And, last but not least, a Book Review!

The Fairy Princess.  A self-published, debut novel by young author Lena Elizabeth.  I was only too happy to read this novella in order to give my review.  And quite flattered that she asked me to do so.  =]  I will post the review as soon as possible!  Patience, my young padawans.  All in due time.

A new Name post, featuring an Ocean theme, is on the "Coming Soon" list as well. 

Have I forgotten anything?

Now, I must bid you adieu.

Fairfarren, dear readers!

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To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.