Photo Contest!

I'm entering a contest over at the Lady Tane's blog, Fifth Out of Ten, for her 100th followers celebration.

The theme is CATS!

Here is my entry:

Nala & Vic
The sock monkey is our kitty Nala's personal toy.  His full name is Vic Tum, but we just call him Vic.  =D  He is her true friend!  She loves him to DEATH.

Oh, and this is what he looks like now, by the way...

Vic Tum, official playmate of Nala the Cat (photo by ME!)
You can enter Tane's contest here!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. That's so funny! *Great* picture too. Hope you win. =]

  2. D'awww! Such an adorable and pretty picture! Good luck! But poor Vic Tum. Such a hilarious (and fitting) name. *giggles*

  3. Gorgeous! Such an adorable photo:) Love, Kelly

  4. Fantastic entry, Sarah! :) Thank you so much for entering, I really, really appreciate it. ♥ Glad your kittie has such a good friend who is willing to suffer for him, lol. ;)
    Tane ♥ xxx


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