April Snippets

This post has been in the drafts for quite a while.  When I realized that the end of April is TOMORROW! I decided to throw together some snippets for you.  

From various works-in-progress:

"As long as this world exists, there will always be a Light to fight the Darkness."
[penned by ME! (I really like this.  Sounds like something Valtiramiir would say...)]

      Until her father received the phone call.  A call from the secure, cellular phone, used only in receiving a new mission and the time during that mission, after which it is disposed of and destroyed.  Chess' heart sank, but she was careful to hide her disappointment.
[untitled project (currently called "Chess")]


“Mint Chocolate Chip on a cone, two scoops – no more, no less – and have the scooper squish it all the way down into the cone.”

      “But come on, Chess. What are you hiding? You have an academic level way above that of this school. It seems at times you should be teaching. Every single test you're given you breeze through as if it's nothing, and come up with a perfect score. Is it even hard for you? I mean, do you even study?”
      “Okay, okay, you got me. It turns out I'm the nerdy girl, not the popular one,” she replied, forcing a smile.
[Ben, Chess]

      “You turned Jack Sparrow into a parrot?” Chess grinned at him.
      “That's not all I can do,” she replied mysteriously...

      They faced West, where the early afternoon sun was only now beginning its journey home. To the North lay the majority of the country – villages, small towns, and the two castles of Charan's Council elders, belonging to the lords Brépau and Ponte, of which Safia's uncle Lord Damien made the third member. If one traveled northwest, from their current position, they would eventually come to the mountain castle of the Charian king and queen, Turante and Mishelle, located on the country's largest mountain, Bravor Montan, so called the Mountain of Valor, where the great battles of the Dead Age were fought. The last 300 years has been known as the Âge de Paisonie, or the Age of Peace.

      He continued. “Her father died in her arms from wounds acquired in a sea battle.  Her adopted brother and the whole of her father's crew were slain as well, making her the sole survivor.  All she has known for many years is now gone.
      “But she is a Rouseau, and she will be treated as one.  Welcome her with open arms.”
[Lord Damien, Safia]

      “How do you say, 'Please pass the ham,' in Norskan?” Aldric asked. The other boys gave him a look.
      “What?” Safia laughed and replied.
      “Bittë vinma ad porti.”
      “Whoa. It has a bold sound,” remarked Payton. Safia chuckled.
      “Yes. As does its people. You have never known the word 'brave' until you have seen the Skahmen of the North,” she added, with pride. 
[Aldric, Payton, Logan, & Safia - in Safia]

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ooo! Very neat, Lady Sarah. So glad you shared some snippets!

  2. That picture is awesome... whose board is it on?

  3. Thank you, Lady Ashlin! ^__^

    And thank you, Lady Claire! I have that pic in my Pinterest board titled "Storyboard - Characters".

  4. "As long as this world exists, there will always be a Light to fight the Darkness."

    LOVE IT!!! I wish I had come up with it... It would have went really well with my book(s). All well.

    Do you think I could put it on the side of my blog as a quote by you, and have it linked back to your blog?

  5. lightwarriorsinadarkworld: thank you so much! I would be honored if you put it on the side of your blog! ^__^ (my pen name: Sarah Sackett)

    Jameson C. Smith: thank you!

    Many thanks for commenting!!!

  6. Oh, I LOVE these!! You need to do more snippets sometime. These are fantastic! You write so well, girl! That first one is so beautiful. And I already love Chess, she seems like a fun character. XD

  7. Thank you, Lady Lauri! So glad you likey ^__^ Thank you for the sweet compliments [EVERYONE!] =]

    I, too, am really liking Chess' character. =D


To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.