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I am entering a contest hosted by Storyteller from Rubber Boot Girl!  This is a book cover design contest.  

Here is my entry:

I did not wish for royalty. I cringe at the attention. My heart's desire would be to remain at home with my books, or in the Library translating ancient scrolls along-side my brother, Coniah.
But the world cares not for my heart.

So writes Dassah, only daughter of the late Ecani.  Dassah is a Yoshanin of Makar.  And in the barbarous land of Ishad, being a believer of the One God has its... consequences.
When the king announces his quest to find a bride, Dassah could care less. The fewer people who knew her heritage, the better. She was happy dwelling in the relative safety of her humble home and working as a scribe for the Shadhin Library, while under the full protection and guidance of her older brother.
But it was not to be.
In a public show of his authority, the king decrees that all eligible young ladies be taken to the palace where they would undergo a series of beauty treatments, after which the king would then choose his new queen from among them.
She didn't stand a chance. 
Did she?

In this beautiful retelling of the biblical tale of Esther, up-and-coming, award winning author Samara Gamgee creates the story of a young Yoshan girl who becomes Queen Adhara of the Ishadi Empire. Little does she know, her purpose as queen of the pagan nation would set in motion a revolution for her people. The God of her family has a plan for her life, and that of her people.  
She need only trust Him.

What do you think?  Wanna enter?

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Oh, dear.  I'm going to have to write her story now...

The biblical account of Esther is my favorite tale from the Bible!  There's been so many different versions, whether it's movies or musical adaptions... Well, I might as well throw my 2-cents in, right?  Heheh... We'll see!

Thanks for reading!

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