Photo Contest!

I have entered the below picture into a Photo Contest hosted by Irishragamuffin's Lil Sister.  

The theme is emotion, and when I read the post, this was the first pic that came to mind.  It is of my grandparents on our annual camping trip last August.  You see, we have this certain spot that has become a traditional family photo booth every year (in actuality, it is an old worn-out bench on the lake trail).  When it came time for their turn, the subject came up about keeping straight faces in photos (like the oldie black 'n whites) and every time Grandmommy and Poppy tried, they broke into laughter.  Usually, we tease them about not smiling in pictures anyway, so I was so happy to have taken these!  Genuine laughter!

Albeit it isn't of the best quality, but... those types of pics you gotta take fast.  ;D

Laughter - August 2012

It does a body good to laugh!  Did you know that?

"It is bad to suppress your laughter because when you do, it goes back down and spreads to your hips."
[Fred Allen]

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