Operation Overland | Phase Two. . . and Three!

It seems my posting will be limited these next few weeks.  Heheh.  But here's another set of our progress at Overland!  

Phase Two
Down in the Dirt

For this part of the process, Evan and his brother, Tyler, were able to dig the footings (the foundation where concrete is poured in order to lay the block) themselves, using their own equipment.  This, to say the least, saved us quite a bit of moolah, where the alternative would have been to hire some guys to do it.  And they gathered experience along the way, and have since dug the footings for another house project.  I'm so proud of them.  :]

My man.

Ooh!  Artsy shots!

These little fellas were attempting to break through the tough dirt.

In order to dig the footings to the right depth and level, a contraption is used called a laser level.  In the photo below, Tyler is handling the stick that measures the height/depth and the other "thing" on the tripod does the rest with it's fancy laser tech.  For me, a person completely ignorant of what all goes into the building of a house (unless of course it's Legos), I was entirely impressed and amazed by this part of the process.

In this one, he is digging the holes where the pillars will be.  These will hold the beams that stretch the width of the house for extra support.

My lovely Xterra, which I've been calling the Gypsy, and Evan's pretty red Chrysler, which I believed has been dubbed the Phoenix. 

Phase Three
Block by Block & Wood at Last!

Next, it was time for the block.  Masons were hired, and wow! did it change the place!

To save a little bit more, we cut the amount of block laid in the back (which would have made it 11 blocks high to be level at the front), and, as you'll see in the next few photos, knee-walls were built to make up for the space.
Below, a batter board was nailed in place to help square the corners.

Then, to protect from moisture and such, a seal is put on top of the block and a wood "plate" is bolted down.  From left to right, helping out on this particular evening is Evan's dad, my brother, Evan, and Tanner (Evan's cousin). 

Construction!  Building the knee-walls.

My future father-in-law is a master builder.  And his sons are gaining all the experience to be.  :]  Very proud of them.

Haha!  These liddle guys kept popping up in random places every now and then. . .

Evan can wield a mighty hammer.  ;D

My daddy.  :]  And no! he's not shooting nails into his hand.

The first piece of plywood!

That green stuff on the center petition is a special kind of sheetrock that will help stall a fire long enough for the inhabitants to safely exit, should that ever happen.  Lord willing, it won't!

Putting up the center beams!

Sometimes your lumber is delivered and is rather crooked or bowed.  And sometimes it needs a little weight to help it out.  And in this instance, Tyler was perfect for this job! *wink wink* (No offense meant, of course!) ;D

And that concludes phase two and three.  Next up, installing the floor joists and flooring!!

Thanks for reading.  And many thanks for your prayers!
Happy Wednesday, y'all!



  1. It's coming along so well! It looked like a little mini castle there for a bit with just the stone walls. XD

    We built our house as well (well, my grandfather did most of the building XD), so I know very well how exciting it is seeing it come together. I'm so happy for you!

  2. How exciting- seeing this house go up, and all the family involved!
    Excellent progress, I hope it continues!

  3. Christine: Thanks, girlie! Haha, yes, it kinda did! :D That's awesome. I think it's great if everyone has the chance to take part in building a house. There's SO much one can learn! Thank you for commenting, m'dear!

    Blue: Yes, it sure is! Thank you for commenting, dearie!


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