A + A Friday!

  • Accidentally swallowing a bit of your gum--it's that really weird feeling as it goes down your throat.  *bleh*
  • Getting bruises for doing stupid things: like jamming your knee into the corner of a shelf.  If I get a bruise or a cut, I want it to be something cool, you know? Like from working on fences all day, or mechanickin' on my car. . . or dragon fighting.

  • Working at the registers when an older guy walks in, glances at you, and says, "So, this is where you work." O_O  He apologizes a few seconds later, before explaining he thought you were someone else.  Still, it was very awkward and kinda creepy. . .
  • When an older gentleman asks how you "stay so slim," as you ring up his items.  You blank out for a moment at the random question and mutter blandly, "Um, well, I try to stay active. . ." *awkward chuckle* (Haha, Lifeway customers. *shakes head with a grin*)
  • Oh, the accuracy:

  • The fact that, no matter how many times you try them, COLD French fries are just: 
Does anybody remember this show?? xD

  • The countdown for Beyond the Mask is ticking! Helping to promote a screening, and now lacking only 18 tickets to reach the minimum number of reservations needed in order to tip the theater. If you live in my area and are even the least bit interested in this new film by the Burns Family Studios, visit this link to reserve tickets for Monday, April 6th at 7:00 at the Bradley Square 12 in Cleveland, TN.  You won't regret it!! (I'll try to publish a post next week with more info. . .) I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to watch this thing??
It's actually "Coming 2015" :]
  • Nerdness.

  • Today marked the first day of Spring!!
  • Purchased two new CDs this week:  Jonathan Thulin's "Science Fiction," and Tenth Ave. North's "The Struggle."  LOVE them both, but especially Thulin's newest album! Check out his single, "Mockingbird"--AWESOME.
  • "We have not lost the battle.  We have merely lost the fight." (paraphrase of a quote from Lego Ninjago, Season 2)
  • The PENGUINS movie.  SO HILARIOUS!! I laughed the entire time. 


So, that was my week.  Not too much to report, I know. But I do hope you still get a laugh or two. :]

Happy Weekend, all!

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  1. I love Jonathan Thulins new cd! I listened to all of it on Spotify the first day it came out :D I think my favorite on it is Compass.

  2. You definitely got a laugh out of me! I love these posts.

    Most of my injures come from my own stupidity, so I hear ya girl.

    Oh my goodness, that sounds sooooo creepy about the guys that said that was where you work. o.O

    THAT'S SO RAVEN!!! That brings back memories! It was never my favorite, but I did watch it from time to time.

    That nerdy post has always been one of my favorites. XD

    Beyond the Mask looks soooo good! I hope you get the amount of tickets you need!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS. We just recently discover Jonathan Thulin! I hadn't heard his "Mockingbird" before and you're right: it is AWESOME. (He has a pretty cool name, too, don't you think?)

    Seems you come home with a lot of funny stories from work. ^-^ The Many Adventures of Sarah the Scrivener.

    Who doesn't like a occasional mechanickin or dragon fightin scar? xD I've been finding a lot of odd scrapes and cuts but they're all from using power tools on the job so I'm pretty satisfied. ;)

    Loving the nerdiness. *epicnerdfive*

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Penguins of Madagascar. I didn't even realize that movie came out, lol! And good luck rounding up more folks for Beyond the Mask! Unfortunately, I'm not really in the area. xP

    Very entertaining post, as usual, Sari! Thanks for starting my day with good dose of laughter. ^-^

  4. Eliza: Yes! Love it! I don't know how many times I've played the whole album. :]

    Christine: Oh, goody! Glad to hear. :] Haha! *fist bump* I know! And, yes! Gotta love the old shows. Thank you, dearie!

    Nightingale: Isn't he amazing! I love all of his songs! And yes, his name is pretty cool (pro. too-leen, right?). Oh yeah, nothing like a good scrape from the ol' power tools. ;D Aww, wish you were closer! Hope you get to see BtM soon! :] <3

    Muchly thanks, girlies!!

  5. Yes, I'm pretty sure that's the pronunciation. He's Swedish. :) I loved your twin names post, by the way! The name pairings could work for Irish twins too. ;D

  6. You're rubbing off on me, Sarah! I'm beginning to categorize random things that happen to me as 'awkward' and 'awesome.'

    The iPhone picture--100% accurate. And YES I remember That's So Raven! I had forgotten that she always used that phrase, but when I saw the picture I said in her exact voice. Lol. The memories.

  7. That's So Raven was my childhood! :) Your week sounds amazing! Mine consisted of weightbars and my bad attempts trying to lift one. Sigh.

    xoxo Morning

  8. That gif--I sat and let it repeat like five times, and laughed the whole way. XD

  9. Hi, there! Your blog is great:)

    Bahahaha the gifs you used!!!! Oh, and I love that "nerd" post from Pinterest. Yes. Yes, indeed;)

    I have to watch the Penguins movie!! It looks epic;)


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