"Man has blood enough to power his brain or his brawn, not often both at once."


I have survived the week, guys!  Yes, sirree.  And my first day of work.  :]  But alas, I've missed yet another A+A post.  Tut, tut, oh dear. . . 

However, good news (for me): I am officially an employee of LifeWay Christian Bookstores! And my first official day was today--and a busy Saturday, no less!  But I made it, and now believe I can conquer the world.  Haha. . . Not really.

So. . . I guess this post is just me aaaaaaannnnd my RANDOMNESS.  Quick update, too, I suppose.  Our Winter weather is closing in as well.  I've woken up to the upper 20s (F), people! And I don't do well in the cold.  I could very well hibernate all Winter.

How was your week?  Do tell, I'm curious.

By the way, title quote comes from 
Jennifer Freitag's Plenilune.
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  1. Yay for surviving the first day! :) Is it a fun job?

    Oh, dear, the cold. *shivers* I wasn't quite ready for it. I was hoping for a gradual slide into winter weather rather than sudden cold. Oh well. (I've lived in Tennessee my whole life and I'm still not used to the weather, lol.)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Yes! It'll take some adjusting for sure. I'm not exactly a people-person, and this job (at LifeWay, by the way) is a people-person job. :] But I'm pretty confident I can make it work.

    YES. Just what I was hoping. Ah well. I too, have lived in TN all my life and, weather-wise, we sure do have a variety. But I wouldn't trade my home for anything. ^__^


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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.