Here's a poem I had written way back in. . . April.  Hmm.  Not sure why I hadn't posted it before.

Enjoy. :]


This homeland is mine
Though no deed have I.
I'll claim these mountains
Till the day I die.
These valleys I'll roam
Where horizons meet,
And eagles soar,
The high skies to greet.

 photo sarahsignature_zps5172c7cd.png


Michelle Dyck said...

Beautiful! And the picture matches really well. =)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Michelle! I thought so too. :] (You've probably guessed, but it's a view of the family farm.)

Michelle Dyck said...

You live there? O.O I did suspect that, but wow. It's gorgeous!

Nine said...

Wow. Love it.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Michelle: Yes! And thank you! I thank my God every day for the home I have. :]

Nine: Aw, thanks! :D