A + A Saturday!

Heheh.  I had this post nearly complete--No, really! Yesterday, I had it. . . almost. . . ready. . . *dejected sigh*  Ah well.  :]

  • When a friendly, elderly gentlemen speaks to you in Walmart and says, "You look like you wanna shake my hand.  Come here and shake my hand." With a smile, you walk to him and shake, just as he makes the "Bzzz!" sound and presses a Werner's Original caramel candy into your palm.  :]  Kind of awkward, but he was a genuinely kind, old man, who went about his business saying, "I'm so blessed!"
  • When this is totally true (for you):  

  • Checking out at the register of a thrift store and the lady asks to see your ID.  She then sees you have a birthday coming up and jokingly says, "Oo.  You're a Leo.  My sister's a Leo, and she's crazy," then adds with a smile, "Are you crazy?"  You shake your head, "Uh. . . no.  Heheh." Smile politely and finish up the purchase.  O_o
  • Demonstrating your outstanding juggling skills to some friends, and one notices that you widen your eyes while concentrating.  XD
  • Craving a hot chocolate in the middle of July.  O_O
  • Pulling up to the house at night, seeing a cat illumined by the headlights, un-moving with its back to you, obviously doing its business.  It was just strange to drive up to park and then BAM, there's a cat in the spotlight, erm. . . busy. 
  • When people are singing the "Happy Birthday" song to you.  It's always awkward, 'cause you don't know what to do.  Stare at them with goofy grin? or avoid their eyes and look anywhere/everywhere?
  • Being excited in finishing a couple drawings, then proudly showing them to a friend, which then seems like you are fishing for compliments. . . (that they readily give). . . But you know you're not, you're just proud to display an original piece of your artwork. 

(you may or may not notice a kind of birthday theme)
  • Turning 22 last Wednesday!  (AH! Kinda scary, but awesome too)
  • Ordering a NEW computer with my b-day money!!  (shipped yesterday, but should arrive within the next two weeks. Can't wait!)

  • Receiving sweet texts and cards from friends and family.
  • When your little brother comes home one day with his first, much-anticipated, Ford truck.  Bright red, guys.  Bright red! :D
  • Finding a FREE BOOKS app for your Kindle Fire.  And downloading a couple from it (haven't read them yet, but they seem interesting).
  •  Random story ideas.  :]

Thanks for stopping by!

Fairfarren, for now.

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  1. HAPPY (a bit late) BIRTHDAY!!!! :D I hope you had a wonderful one and will have a most blessed 22nd year. ^_^

    DAT POSTER. o.o I have not seen that one yet. *droools*

  2. Always enjoy reading your funny awkward and awesome! Happy late birthday! Morgan juggles too, you could be a juggle duo!!!

  3. Happy (late) birthday! I hope you had an awesome day!

    I think cats just like waiting in driveways to surprise us in whatever ways they can. Hehe.

    And yes, that poster. :)

    Have a great day!

  4. Happy (late) Birthday!
    I hope you had a great day. <3
    Love these posts - they make me laugh. :)




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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
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