Snippets of March

Here's another round of Snippets!  The following are from Peder's story.  I believe it is finished, I just have a whole lot of editing to do...  Hang in there! I plan to post his story in parts as soon as it's complete.


All in a Day's Work

For two years, I was in prison. And oddly, during that time, I gained a friend, though at first I ignored her presence.” At the mention of her, Peder's eyebrows raised, but Slannin paid no mind. “I wanted nothing to do with her. But her persistence, her patience... She opened my eyes to a Great Love, though, till now, I had yet to accept it.”



    “ ...she believes you are a troubled man, seeking refuge and purpose. Yet not a physical refuge. Rest for the spirit, as my father used to say.” Slannin looked away, but Peder continued. “In a sense, we are all searching for a purpose in this dark world. Some find it in wealth, others in family, and still others, maybe in labor or work they have a passion for.”
    “And you?”
    “My rest is in my God, Eliadan, the Master-maker. He alone gives me a purpose.  A hope to press on.”



A phrase entered his mind and he nearly laughed despite himself.
Well, there goes my reputation.



Well met, Man-son, well met. One who denies himself is one of noble worth.”

[Lord Keighvyn, the white Dragon]


"...Gondoa is reputed to be a strong nation. If she keeps to her founding roots - the belief and trust in the God who made her - then she will remain so.”

[Captain Jaron]


These next two are from my much larger story, Safia, which I'm currently working on while editing Peder's All in a Day's Work. This scene takes place Safia's mother's home country of Charan (pro. sha-RAHN).  You get a peek of her cousins on the Rouseau side.  I'm not sure if you will ever see her father's family... They're a Viking style lot and tend to wander than stay in one place...


It was mid-morning by the time the group of four arrived at the border of the Tuedor Forest. The trees that made up the Charian wood were tall and stately. From the first moment she allowed her horse's foot to step within its borders, Safia was amazed at the simply beauty. Each tree reached nearly one hundred feet tall, yet were not as ancient or as large as the giants of the Gondian or Ardish forests.

[from Safia]


    “You are full of surprises today, aren't you? Is there anything else you can't tell me?” she said, looking from one to the other. They nodded cheerfully and Aldric gestured to Logan, who rode ahead.
    “Hey, Logan! Could we tell her–”
    The boys turned to her in mock sadness.
    “Sorry, lady. No telling of secrets. Lord Rouseau's orders.” They laughed and Logan turned around, pretending to be angry. He winked at Safia and she joined their laughter.
     A healing peace, she thought, grateful for her new family.  

[Logan and Payton Rouseau (brothers), Aldric Duval, and Safia Leifson - a group of cousins]


Thanks for reading!

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To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.