What's in a Name?

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  Irish, Scottish, English (Modern)
Pronunciation:  AY-dǝn

Meaning & History
Anglicized form of Aodhán, which is from the Old Irish name Áedán, taken from Áed meaning "fire."  Aodhán was the given name of an Irish monk and saint of the 7th century and was also borne by many characters in Irish mythology.

The name Aidan became popular in America in the late 20th century, due to its sound - the suffix, aden, as found in the names Braden and Hayden.

In the Christian fantasy-fiction series of the Door Within Trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson, this name was carried by the main character, Aidan Thomas, a young boy beckoned to enter another world - a realm filled with "knights, warriors, kings, and unusual creatures... Soon, Aidan is training to become the Twelfth Knight of an elite unit who will join Alleble in its long fight against the evil Paragory.  With the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance, will Aidan be willing to risk everything and trust the one true King?"  A great series to keep you on your toes, for pre-teens, teens, and the occasional adult.

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  English (Modern)
Pronunciation:  ni-VAY-ǝ

Meaning & History
The word heaven spelled backwards.  This name became popular after the musician Sonny Sandoval, of the rock group P.O.D., gave it to his daughter in 2000.

Gender:  Masculine
Usage:  English, Jewish, French, Biblical, Biblical Latin
Pronunciation:  EE-thən (English)

Meaning & History
In Hebrew, this name means "solid, enduring" and was the given name of a prophet in the Old Testament.  Occasionally, it has been used in the English-speaking world after the Protestant Reformation, and increased in popularity in America due to the fame of the revolutionary Ethan Allen (1738-1789), only becoming common towards the end of the 20th century.  This was also the given name of the main character in Edith Wharton's novel "Ethan Frome" (1911).

Gender:  Feminine
Usage:  Scandinavian, Dutch, German, English
Pronunciation:  MEE-a (Scandinavian, Dutch, German), MEE-ǝ (English)

Meaning & History
Scandinavian, Dutch, and German form of Maria, a derivative of Mary, which, long story short, is most likely of Egyptian origin - possibly from myr "beloved" or mr "love."

This was the known name of Amelia Thermopolis in the Princess Diaries films, featuring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway.

Name definitions and history via behindthename.com.
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A shapeless mass, and a book of rules,
And each must make, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.